New  & Used Embroidery Equipment 

 Power Supplies for Embroidery Machines


Melco Superstar






HAPPY -Pulse motor drive unit PD2130

 "X" or "Y" Axis, Fits inside blue box 

Exchange units- Call 201-445-7743


Melco PS265 For EMC, Also Condor PAC-105-05

Repaired and or exchanged subject to availability.

MELCO Superstar 4Hd.Stepper driver board.

Model 38-2600

 MG50G1BL3" for Barudan Machines.

  TOYOTA (AISIN) 24V P. Supply

  Internal P15E (Original)



Tajima X-DUB (S Card)


Tajima DU10 Stepper Driver Board                    Tajima X-DUA X or Y axis Driver Board

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